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Philosophy on film


That is essentially how I would characterise this film, Zeitgeist Addendum (click to watch it free on Google; 2 hours long). I would like to sit down and really pick it apart, as I might a written text, but film criticism is not my usual genre, and I’m still mulling it over.

Watching it is slightly uncanny (in the Freudian sense). Much of the information is very familiar, but it is put together and presented in a way that makes it feel very different.

I really wonder if the “banking failures [we] are seeing are just the beginning,” however. I think that the system will rescue itself. The actions that the film suggests are… well, they are all well and good, but they are also unlikely to take place and unmanageable at any rate.

I support the “use and protect the internet” suggestion, of course. I still don’t think the blogosphere has stolen power from the ‘system’, though. McCain and Obama’s campaigning on YouTube pretty much exemplifies how the ‘open-source’ sentiment of user controlled content can still be incorporated into the system.


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