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The art of grad school apps…


Well, I have finished one entirely. The others are coming along. The writing sample is the toughest thing to arrange, though. I’m trying to send off some pages of my thesis, but of course that requires having polished at least the first chapter of said thesis, which is something I’m… progressing towards. The weeks seem to be ticking by shockingly quickly now, and deadlines are fast approaching. And still, there is journal publication to keep in the back of my mind (must call in a designer to the ed board meetings at some point), not to mention the HR seminar, which although biweekly, does seem to stack up with a fair amount of reading. I’m supposed to have the first chapter in in a week’s time, in time for us to discuss it pre-Thanksgiving, I think, so I suppose that in a week’s time all of my other grad school applications will be finished too. That will be a joyous event!

Plus it will give me just enough time to take two breaths before I have to sort myself out for presenting one of my papers (on medieval romances) at this conference. It’s kind of exciting. I wish there were more undergraduate conferences and more support for undergraduates trying to present at or otherwise attend them, though. Even at Harvard, there is no funding (that I can seem to find) for undergraduates to help defray travel costs, etc. Well, maybe there will be. The program administrator has promised to look into it. I suppose people don’t ask him about it all that often!


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  1. Bisclavret says:

    I, too, am attending Moravian’s conference on medieval studies later this week and have encountered similar circumstances: my university has limited (or long forgotten) money available to support undergraduate projects and does a very poor job of keeping us informed about these opportunities. Most of the time, our school will notify us at the last minute, if it all. This last fact is particularly lamentable- it would certainly benefit prospective grad students to know about this stuff well ahead of time!

    I share your wish that “there were more undergraduate conferences and more support for undergraduates trying to present or otherwise attend them…” It’s too bad that so few of these meetings exist, and worse yet, that our respective universities fail to financially support students with such endeavors. When I asked about university funding, I was told that:
    a) No undergrad English majors requested money in YEARS
    b) Applications for travel money/reimbursement had to be filled out six months in advance
    c) The application was 7 pages long
    d) The allowable amount of money granted could not exceed 100 dollars
    e) I shouldn’t expect the school to pay for anything
    f) My book bag was partially unzipped

    Oh well. The conference is this week and I intend to make the best of it and have fun (it IS kind of exciting!). Hopefully Harvard will be able to defray some of your costs. If anything, they should be encouraging you to represent your school regardless of costs, what with that 34 billion-dollar endowment! It seems as though this is a common issue among all colleges, Ivies included…

    Anyway, good luck to you on your presentation and paper, and on those apps and deadlines!

    Rock on.

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