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I am currently reading a book my younger brother bought me for Christmas: The End of Mr. Y by Scarlett Thomas. It may be excessively self-consciously literary-critic clever (the author is a ‘young writer’ who teaches literature and writing at university level, after all, so that sort of self-indulgence might be par for the course). I still can’t tell, though; there are moments of rather good simile/metaphor that hold promise. Still, the acknowledgments section does note that Ian Stewart criticised the ending as straying too far along pseudo-religious lines, and I very much respect Ian Stewart (from the days when I was a maths student and reading Flatterland and Does God Play Dice? with a great sense of glee and awe).* Perhaps my brain is a little bit more sciency than the average English Lit student, and I will hold the same opinion as Dr. Stewart when I get to the end. I’ve never read any Scarlett Thomas books before, though, so I’m hopeful, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy myself at least a bit!

* Actually, it would appear that there are many more in agreement with Dr. Stewart (and I feel more and more the eerie sensation that I will find myself in this camp in 350 pages time). There’s a full review at Bookslut. Although I feel a little bad for reading the review before the book, as I’ve only read 49 pages and had many of the thoughts that the Bookslut reviewer had, I don’t think reading the review will have done me much harm!



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