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Nadal match


This morning, I met a tutor in the dining hall who seemed… a bit off. It’s to be expected; it’s January, and a lot of us are coming down with something. I said ‘hi’ and thought nothing of it.

Until he happened to walk past me and Nick arguing about the Williams sisters.

“Are you talking about tennis?” the tutor asks a little blearily. “You know they’re replaying the Nadal-Verdasco match. I just finished watching it. It’s sooo good.”

And so we have an explanation for the poor tutor’s state: five (adrenaline-filled) hours of all-night tennis direct from Australia. I’m suddenly flooded with memories of watching the Nadal-Federer final at Wimbledon (on the floor for most of it). I’m SO there at 3a.m. on Sunday morning!

(And in case you’ve been under a rock, I won’t spoil the surprise if you’re going to watch the match today at a respectable hour, but I will link you to BBC’s write-up!)


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