Looks good on paper…



So, last summer I watched the first season of Life, the cop drama with Damian Lewis trying to pull a Hugh Laurie (pretending to be American, that is). It was funny, but sort of confusing. I couldn’t figure out whether it was a good show or not. It was funny, but also somewhat ridiculous, and I couldn’t quite decide whether or not Lewis’ accent was awful or not. (Interestingly, both Laurie and Lewis seem to pull off the accent in similar ways; if you watch their mouths, there’s an interesting closeness, tongue, lips and teeth.)

Well, I started watching the second series now, and it’s really entertaining, but I’m still half-torn about whether or not I’m watching a good or OTT-bad show! I love Sarah Shahi, and I’m consistently amused by Crews, and I’m still watching, so I assume that means it’s good enough!?

If anyone else watches, I’d love to know what other people think about it. I have one or two friends who watch it (and thus reminded me of the show’s existence in the first place!), but then I also have friends who watched Battlestar Gallactica and who’ve started watching (the ill-fated) Kings!


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