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Writing on trains


This morning I am cutting more or less across the entire country by train, and I always find trains lovely to work or read on. I’ve got Idylls of the King with me, which is the subject matter for chapter 3 (of 3) of my MA thesis, along with multiple printed and annotated versions of the Intro and other chapters, and… a pen and paper!

My laptop is in my bag. When I did my undergrad thesis, I was laptop-centric, and when I was in my secondary literature note-taking phase, Scrivener and I were best buds. Now that I’m trying to write, however, I seem to need the paper and pen approach. It may be because there are ten million other distracting things on my laptop (although Scrivener’s editor view helps a bit with that), or just because there are many tens of thousands of words of notes in Scrivener that mean I can’t see the wood for the trees. Still, I find it a bit odd to have all these gadgets (this post is being written in an email on my iPhone), and yet boil things down to some thin-ruled paper and a black biro!

I’m making summaries of the key bits of the poems for my analysis, anyway, so I can work from three sheets of paper and not 350 pages of it! I might do a post on the rest of my madcap, ill-advised writing strategy later.


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