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Recommendations (Spanish)


Clarissa has asked about Spanish-language books that one would recommend to others.

I will confess that, current Unamuno reading excepted, I mainly read ‘trash’ in Spanish, but here are some that I have enjoyed recently:

1. José María Guelbenzu’s La muerte viene de lejos, which I like because of its protagonist (a spunky female judge), even though it sort-of involves said female protagonist finding a man!
2. José Carlos Somoza’s La llave del abismo (review available here). I like most fiction in this fantasy genre, and I loved the weird use of weird fiction master H.P. Lovecraft.
3. Javier Marías’ Todas las almas, which I confess I haven’t finished yet! It is on my iPad’s Kindle app, and I’m afraid it got superseded by reading for the Fantasy/SciFi course, but I am really looking forward to continuing it. It has an intriguing secrets-and-lies plot, and I just like the way the narrator talks about Oxford!


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