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MA progress


I have finally managed to sit down to do the writing-up of last weekend’s work. It feels good to be making progress, although I had to force myself to go to a coffee shop in order to get started. I’m afraid that I often struggle to write at home when there is no urgent deadline looming.

Although my tutor said that there was very little that needed doing on my first chapter, I have done some pretty major revisions anyway. Just because it was satisfactory when read in isolation doesn’t mean that it will work properly as part of the full thesis. I’m therefore not very worried about having rewritten or reframed significant portions of it.

Chapter 2 is also coming on quite nicely. I had already done a (fairly shallow) 2,000 word first draft based on my notes from the two poems I am looking at, but I have managed to beef up the section dealing with the first poem (‘King Arthur’s Tomb’), so I am now at 3,350 words! The whole chapter is supposed to be 3,000-3,500, so at the end I will have to cut it down again, but that is how I prefer to work. Besides, it always feels good to get Le Morte Darthur out!

Chapter 3… well, hopefully I will get to that at least a little this evening. If I don’t, I’ve certainly made progress, and that will do for now.


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