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ModPo Week 3 – Lectures & Forums


I have just (with a day to spare) made it through the lecture transcripts for Week 3 of Modern Poetry.

I did an American Poetry course as an undergraduate that I loved (and in which I learnt to love William Carlos Williams, as previously mentioned), but I don’t really recall much discussion of imagism. This is probably my own failing, but this time around, it has definitely stuck. I found the analysis of H.D.s Sea Rose and Sea Poppies really interesting, and I hope that the next close reading exercise will be on a H.D. poem.

I have been working with the transcripts because of a troubled internet connection, but I have found them quite frustrating. The transcription is quite poor and failures to edit out the usual human self-repetitions (“it’s like, like, something…” for example) or even to get the TAs’ names correct all of the time. I will probably continue to use the transcripts, though, as it’s fairly easy to format them all into one Word document, and I prefer to work with written rather than visual media anyway. I just wish they were better!

I haven’t ventured much into the forums yet, beyond taking a look at the responses to my submission for Essay 1. I would like to, but I think it would be quite time-intensive. Although the ModPo staff are trying a lot harder to ensure some workable structure for the forums, there is still a lot to wade through, as the system of posting the essays to the forums indicated only too well. Even though the glitches in Coursera’s system were fixed, there is still not a great deal of engagement beyond the front page (thanks to the ‘up-vote’ system, which I still loathe). For Essay 2, I think I will commit to engaging as promptly as possible with the forum-review system and see if I get more out of it. The one thing about all courses, not just MOOCs, is that you don’t get anything from them unless you try!

EDIT: An example of the transcription problem.

But in poetry, I attend to argue, and so to many of my colleagues in the field that the trend, that the continuity is between modernism and post-modernism are significant.

Perhaps this should be: But in poetry, I tend to argue, and so do many of my colleagues in the field, that the trend, the continuities between modernism and post-modernism are significant? Just a thought!


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