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So, in a few days time, the NaNoWriMo website will be relaunched, clearing off all the debris from last year’s attempts (successful and failed) and opening the door to new novels being kicked off on 1 November!

Last year, I tackled the radical redevelopment of a novel that I had previously written, which was technically cheating. I didn’t feel too bad about it, as I ran my word count as starting de novo, so only the ‘new’ novel was counted, and there was a lot of new writing involved. As it turned out, I didn’t manage to win, but I made real progress on something that will eventually be a novel.

This year, I am half-tempted to do a similar thing, except with a (different) story that I have already started reworking because I really want to have it finished. I do also have a new idea, though, which I could start from scratch, doing NaNoWriMo the way it was meant to be done!

I’m not sure which of these two projects I’ll end up putting on NaNoWriMo once the site is rebuilt and 2012 novels can be entered into the site. I suppose it will all depend on just how swamped I feel with my MA and work projects. Either way, I’ll be using this blog and NaNoWriMo in tandem, so watch this space.


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