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MA (non)progress update


Due to a failure to follow anything like the guidelines Thomas at Research as a Second Language recommends, or even the Seinfeld Chain recommended by Clarissa and Jonathan Mayhew, I have failed to do any work on my dissertation today.

I intended to. I emailed myself a copy of the chapter I wanted to work on so that I could print it out at work and look at it on the way home. However, when push came to shove, I forgot to print it until 7:30p.m., and the fact that I was still in work at 7:30p.m. indicates that there were many demands on my time. Unfortunately, I did not manage them well, and by the time I got home it was the time of the night when I am simply no good for anything except blogging, tweeting, and watching television.

I will have to take a look at it tomorrow now, instead, and I’m a bit disappointed in myself.


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