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Kindle samples


I have recently read a few samples that Amazon lets you download for free, which I thought I might share.

A long time ago, in a hotel, I acquired a copy of The Saturday Morning Murder: A Psychoanalytic Case. The book is by an Israeli author, Batya Gur, and from the title, my friends would have guessed that I would enjoy the book. Of course, I did! However, I sort of put it to the back of my bookshelf and forgot all about it, I think in part because I acquired it via one of those bookcases that some hotels/coffee shops/train stations have where you can leave one book and take another, so I didn’t really know anything about the author or whether or not I’d be able to find any more of their work.

Now, with the wonders of the internet, however, I’ve managed to do so! Batya Gur has written a number of crime stories with a psychoanalytic twist, and some of them have been translated into Spanish. For me, this is a big plus, as I try to do all I can to keep up my Spanish, which I don’t need to use day-to-day anymore. I’ve read samples of A Literary Murder: A Critical Case (as Un asesinato literario) and Murder in Jerusalem, and I would recommend them both! I’m going to buy the full versions of both of them once I can justify any further spending on books.

One other tip (aside from that everyone should make use of the Kindle app and the free samples to experience some new authors for £0!) is Open Heart by A.B. Yehoshua. I’ve only read the sample of this so far too, but it has a really interesting premise (a young doctor employed to travel to India to bring home his hospital’s administrator’s unwell daughter) and an engaging narrator, so this is one I will also put on my long list of books to read.

I haven’t forgotten about my Classics Club list, though! I’ve made use of the Kindle store and out-of-copyright books to snap up Candide, The Nether World and Agnes Gray, and I’m going to start reading through them just as soon as I’ve finished Niebla.


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