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Gigola – film review


So, as I had the house to myself this weekend, I decided to watch some foreign films that I bought ages ago and have failed to watch!

One was Gigola. In essence, the film follows George/Georgia/Gigola from her first relationship with her school-mistress through 1960s Parisian lesbian cabaret clubs and a brief flirtation with a petty gangster (Eduardo Noriega), mainly for his gametes!

I love a lot of the actors involved, including Noriega and Rossy de Palma. In fact, I bought the film as part of a set of Noriega films. I also love this sort of story (and it is no surprise that the lead actress, Lou Doillon, also starred in a version of Zola’s Nana).

What I enjoyed about this film was the main character’s panache and sense of (troubled yet controlled) self. Although there were one or two scenes where she looked bewildered to be on camera, for the most part she commanded attention. Her relationships were intricate and fascinating, and hinted at a complex and difficult hand-to-mouth existence without being maudlin or obvious.

As a general rule, I find that French and Spanish cinema has a certain sense of deliberate slowness (farces like The Dinner Game aside), and I love films that are closely honed in upon a character’s mind rather than their actions, such as Anna M or La mala educación.

Although the film doesn’t have rave reviews, I found it very watchable.


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