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NaNoWriMo – Week 1


Today is the end of the first NaNoWriMo week (yes, yes, only 4 days, but closer than not). As you can see, I am not doing fantastically well. I managed to get some writing done today, but yesterday was taken up with a visit to my MA tutor’s to discuss the last six weeks of writing time I have left (I need to keep ploughing on if I’m going to give my checker two weeks to go over it), plus a pleasant outing with friends to see some fireworks (I was somewhat underwhelmed). The rest of November has been pretty busy with work (surprise!) and then actually trying to have a half hour of quiet time here and there.

As a general rule, I think that I am doing alright if I have fewer than 2,000 words to do per day. I struggled a bit on day 1, writing just under 500 words, as I wasn’t entirely sure of the shape of the thing (owing to having no time to plan). I managed to do around 1,500 words today, though, kicking off a few separate scenes and starting to write into the novel. Hopefully later on this week I will be able to put my first extract up (and perhaps even put it on Scribophile, which I have also somewhat neglected over the past week or two).

Now I need to spend an hour or two doing some work-work, and then my long-suffering BF wants to go to see Skyfall. Possible review to follow!


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