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I have been operating on the principle that a change is as good as a rest today, and gone from one project to another whenever my mind begins to draw blanks. This meant going from dealing with the inbox to drafting questionnaires to drafting a report, as well as the occasional wander to someone else’s office to either talk bollocks or ask them proper questions, as the mood struck.

This is not really multi-tasking – I am a firm believer that one cannot do multiple things properly simultaneously, but one can do them for short bursts in quick succession – but it is pretty darn close. I feel as though I have managed to progress most of the things on my work agenda today, and that is a good thing.

Except for that one moment when I had to go to Caffe Nero just to be outdoors for a while. Still, it’s amazing what good a change can do if you can’t manage a rest!


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