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Skyfall – Film Review


I went to see Skyfall on Sunday, and I thought I would just put down a few thoughts about the film, which I think is the best Daniel Craig Bond so far!

Sam Mendes makes the film look amazing, particularly in the climatic final 20 minutes where some of the lighting is fantastic. Javier Bardem’s acting abilities are really allowed to stretch out and dominate in certain scenes, making the film much deeper than other Bond outings. I think that, in all honesty, his character and his acting make the film, although there are great performances throughout, particularly from Ralph Fiennes and Daniel Craig. I saw Dream House recently, and although the pacing of it was all wrong, I thought Craig’s acting and characterisation was really good, and he brings the same sense of increasing self-consciousness to this Bond iteration.

The obligatory mayhem and destruction is all in place, particularly in the first and last 20 minutes of the film, and there is some technical wizardry too. Ben Whishaw offers some comic relief as the new Q, but like Naomie Harris, he is a little bit of a flimsy background piece. This is a shame, as I liked Whishaw a lot (I particularly loved Perfume), but of course it is entirely in keeping with the Bond formula.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this film, which is not always the case with Bond outings. I like where they have been trying to go with Bond plots in recent years, but Bardem and Mendes made this one for me.


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