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NaNo – Week 2


Or, at least, weekend 2.

I have managed to scribble away a fair bit today (not quite the daily target, but closer than I’ve been any day so far in November). At this rate, I will finish the book by mid-February, which is obviously not ideal! I’m hoping that over the next few weekends, I will be able to get a bit more of a run at it. I’m starting now to do some of the things I should have done previously: plan chapters, figure out where specific scenes might be, etc. This will help me just sit down and write whenever I get the time.

One of the messages that NaNo tries to reinforce quite strongly is that November is simply for putting words on the page. It is not for editing or revising or rewriting (although that is what I used it for last year). This means that I am in two minds about whether or not to post my first chapter (or any of the subsequent chapters) on Scribophile. It might be useful to have some critique of the main character and her voice in order to shape some of the rest of the novel, but I don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about the finer details because I am obviously struggling to get enough words down on the page as it is.

So, what to do, what to do? I think I will need to make a decision this weekend, or else the benefits I get from having early reactions to the first chapter become less and less as I have written more and (hopefully) more….


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