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Library building


I think that I now have approximately 15-20 books that I have bought (recently) with the intention of reading them at some point in the future. Some of them are for my Classics Club reading list, including Otxaga’s Obabakoak, Beckett’s Murphy (this actually isn’t a recent purchase – I’ve had it about five years!), and Gamerro’s The Islands. Others are just things that I have purchased for fun, like another Iain M. Banks Culture novel.

I find it very hard to rein in this instinct to buy new books, particularly when I have limited reading time available. It is like a form of sympathetic medicine; if I behave as though I have plenty of time to indulge in reading, it will surely become true! It means that I have a whole load of books hanging about the house that I can’t quite justify yet, though.

Library building is great fun, though. Sometimes I never read the books I’ve bought at all (like Murphy), and it’s interesting to look back at the reader that I wanted to be and the one I have ended up being.


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