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Hannibal – TV review(s forthcoming)


During this blog’s “hiatus” (aka period of neglect), I found myself watching the wonderful new Bryan Fuller TV series, Hannibal. I have had a peculiar love of the world/characters since reading the Thomas Harris books as a teenager (yes, even Hannibal, which was a bit maligned), but I never really took to the films (this time especially Hannibal, where the ending was just… I don’t even…). Whilst I usually love Antony Hopkins’ weirdness on film, even in completely bizarre things like Titus, I never took to his portrayal of Hannibal.

So I was hugely excited by the concept of the TV series, as well as by the interesting casting choices. Aside from seeing him in Casino Royale, I’d not really seen Mads Mikkelsen in anything, although his brother did a star turn as Troels Hartmann in The Killing (1), and I’m looking forward to seeing him in Sherlock (3)!

Aside from a few minor kinks, mainly relating to pacing and some points where I think details were just left to dangle, I really enjoyed this series. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I have started rewatching it, and as it is relatively short, I thought I would do an episode-by-episode account here of some of my thoughts about the show and how it plays with the Harris books (and whether the TV series is, in fact, “fan fiction”). I’m going to start this weekend, but thought this might be a useful first post!

In the meantime, I leave you with Bryan Fuller’s walkthrough for the AV club, and a picture of Mads Mikklesen in a crown of flowers, courtesy of Fuller. If you want to see other members of the cast being similarly adorned, I’d suggest you follow @bryanfuller (actually, I’d recommend that generally!).



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