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Last year, I posted about the hecticness that is ‘October’. Well, 2013 saw a bit of a change for me job-wise (to a new position with more responsibility), and I have found that it is no longer October that is the killer month, but September instead. This is slightly unfortunate, as for many of my colleagues October remains the month, and so there is a lot of crossing my fingers and hoping that so-and-so is still in the office today, or might at least be checking emails from home!

I already know that my entire autumn is going to be a huge crunch in this job, except for two weeks ‘off’ (that have been stolen by another project) at the end of November and beginning of December. I’m therefore already wondering how I’m going to manage NaNoWriMo and putting together the PhD proposal that I am absolutely, definitely going to submit this year (if only for fear that my referees will forget my existence if I put it off any longer).

At least I will also have this to keep me amused: Hannibal – TV reviews!


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