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To run or not to run… Strength v cardio?


A thoroughly exercise-averse colleague has recently been converted and taken to jogging/running around Maida Vale of an evening, and swimming in the non-fast lane (for now, at least). Whilst I don’t really object to swimming (despite it being rather boring and repetitive), I do have something of an objection to running. I know, I know, it’s a contentious subject, but I really do think that it’s an unnecessarily body-stressing activity to undertake on a daily basis, particularly running on tarmac.

Women’s Health did (a long time ago) a sum-up of the pros and cons for strength and cardio, which I think still holds (HuffPo have a similar, more recent article). Built Lean also has a critical dissection of a recent Duke research publication that claimed a victory for cardio. Personally, I’ve only been in a gym once in the last year (while on holiday), and I don’t run (see above), so my cardio is limited to my trademark very brisk walking. I walk for at least 40 minutes a day. Otherwise, I’m all for free weight strength training and yoga. My aim isn’t particularly for fat loss, but even if it were, I think I would advocate this same programme!


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