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2014 reading challenges


And so, the great impulse towards New Year’s resolutions is upon us.

My plan for next year is the same as my plan for every other year since I can remember: read lots of wonderful things.

My Classics Club list that I aspired to finish by October 2014 will not be completed. As it was supposed to take five years and I set my own challenge of doing the 50 books in only two, I don’t feel wholly bad about this, although I think the record leaves something to be desired: I’ve read 16%. If I can complete another 16% (i.e. eight books) by October 2014, then I will not feel too bad about it.

In order to help me on my way, I thought I might adopt a further book challenge, which @charmedlassie threw into my path the other day: the Chunkster Reading Challenge. The aim is to motivate the reading of ‘chunksters’, longer books over 450 pages, which can often put people off.

I thought this might be a useful thing to combine with the Classics Club in order to get me a bit further with some of the books that might otherwise be left until the end. Not all of my Classics Club books count as chunksters, but there are some according to the page lengths given by Amazon, and the eight I plan to tackle in 2014 are:

  1. The Possessed/Demons, Dostoyevsky (768pp)
  2. The Name of the Rose, Eco (520 pp)
  3. Middlesex, Eugenides (520pp)
  4. The Islands, Gamerro (548pp)
  5. The Golden Notebook, Lessing (576pp)
  6. Perdido Street Station, Mieville (880pp)
  7. Midnight’s Children, Rushdie (672pp)
  8. The Red and the Black, Stendhal (608pp)


  1. Great list! I loved The Golden Notebook. The Chunkster Challenge is new to me, too. I'm looking forward to it! I think I'll start with London by Edward Rutherfurd.

  2. La Graciada says:

    I've actually found it a really useful idea. I'm already one down, thanks to a lot of train journeys recently! Good luck with London. 🙂

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