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Fitbit One — initial review


Well, the excited waiting is over! My Fitbit One arrived at Christmas and has been pressed into service. So far, so good.

I’m mainly using the Fitbit with my iPhone at the moment, rather than via the Fitbit website. I’m using the app in conjunction with the My Fitness Pal app (I have never used that one online) because the Fitbit’s food database might as well be non-existent. That is the one disappointment so far. In reality, I’ve actually now got three apps, as for some reason there is no function in the app to record one’s pulse. I can see why as it’s done using the phone’s camera and not with the One itself, but it would be a useful add-on, I think, particularly given that the option exists on the website. In any event, the Fitbit app has an attractive interface that is easy to use.

The pedometer is pretty standard, and the altimeter giving the number of floors climbed is a curiosity but not a huge interest. The recording of active minutes is quite useful, though. For example, it’s interesting to see when wandering around the shops is or is not ‘activity’. The weekly email summary that Fitbit sends is also quite useful, so that one can see the data in the round. It is far more startling to be told that you have eaten more than 3,000 calories than you were meant to (*ahem* it was Christmas, and I don’t really believe in calories anyway, but one has to start somewhere…).

The function that I’ve found most informative so far is the sleep tracker. As far as I can tell, it is much more sensitive than the app I was previously using on my iPhone (Sleep Cycle), which detected movements in the mattress. Sleep Cycle fell down because it only gave the amount of time the app had been running, essentially, rather than the amount of time one was actually asleep. The FitBit corrects this by judging when you were awake and ‘restless’ and omitting these from the sleep time calculated. The arm bracelet for the One is comfortable, and it is easy to remember to use it if you are already wearing the One on your clothes, although I can see that it could be easily forgotten otherwise.

Over the next few weeks I am going to try to use the website a little more in order to take advantage of the more detailed tracking it offers.


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