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Film-watching challenge


I am doing a number of different reading challenges this year, but Nathan Ditum’s post (detailed but wonderfully funny) on his 2013 film-watching has made me realise just how woefully out-of-pace I am with good film and TV (aside from Hannibal and Sherlock, of course!).

I have a stack of unwatched films and TV series, dwarfed perhaps by my stack of unread books, but sizeable nonetheless, so I thought to ought to set myself a challenge for them too. I’m too out-of-touch to know much about what’s coming this year, but of my stack and 2013’s offering, I will endeavour to watch the following, in no particular order. I’ll also definitely be watching the end of the current series of Sherlock and Dracula, without need for motivation, and Hannibal when it comes back, so there’s no need to add them! 

  1. Blancanieves – a 2012 take on Snow White, set in ’20s Seville. It’s silent! I may not get through it, but this supposed to be a challenge.
  2. Sleeping Beauty – a 2011 take on Sleeping Beauty that I hope will be delightfully creepy. 
  3. A Dangerous Method – the 2011 film about Freud and Jung, Fassbender + Mortensen should be delicious. [WATCHED]
  4. Little Favour – a relatively recent short film about a soldier’s struggle with PTSD, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Colin Salmon, this is already on my hard-drive. [WATCHED]
  5. Hierro – this is already in my stack and is old (2009). The fabulous Elena Anaya, this is reminiscent of Changeling, but perhaps with more of a horror vibe. [WATCHED]
  6. Even the Rain – also already on my shelves, this features Gael Garcia Bernal and Luis Tosar, both great actors, and takes a look at the exploitation of natural resources. Sounds a bit do-good-y, which is why I never quite got around to watching it…
  7. Novo – a third one that I’ve had for a while and failed to watch. It’s from 2002, so well predates  the similar 50 First Dates (which I will not be watching). A rom-com with a little spice, hopefully. [WATCHED]
  8. American Horror Story (s1&2) – my cousin recommended this TV series to me, and I got it for Christmas, so it will definitely be one for me to watch on quiet week-nights. Depending on how good it is, I may do an episode-by-episode review, as with Hannibal.
  9. Game of Thrones – I will not be doing an episode-by-episode review of this one, if only because it’s so hugely epic. I didn’t start watching this along with everyone else in 2011 because I thought I didn’t have the time for another series, and the series only got longer! I’m going to start tackling it this year, though, because I think it will be worth seeing, and I’m used to coming to things late (e.g. Borgen!). 
  10. Behind the Candelabra – this is on my shelves, as I missed it in the cinema last year. I was saving it for when I was in the mood for absurdity, but it never seemed to happen. I’m going to make more of an effort this year [WATCHED]  
  11. Story of My Death – I also missed this when it was on at the BFI last year. A Catalan film that throws Casanova and Dracula together, I think this will be intriguing, provided that I can track it down.  
  12. 12 Years a Slave – with a slew of Golden Globe nominations, and probably some forthcoming Oscar nominations next week, I’m looking forward to catching up on this one, which I missed at the end of last year. 
  13. American Hustle – the other Golden Globe and likely Oscar leader that I should really see before the winners are announced, no?
How hard can it be to watch these 13…? I’ll be ticking them off the list as I watch them with accompanying reviews if I have anything interesting to say. 

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