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Cs50 weeks 1 and 2


Right now, I’m about one week behind the pace of the live, “real” version of Harvard’s CS50x. I’m trying to keep pace because that way there is more motivation from the illusion of taking a class with others. I doubt I’ll be able to catch up a full week, but may give it a try in February when things are a bit quieter at work.

Anyway. On to problem set 1. We had to print a pyramid of user-specified height, and write a greedy algorithm to dole out change. I think I spent a bit longer on this than I needed to because I didn’t watch the section or walkthroughs until quite late on. It was fun struggling through, though. Neither of the resulting programs were particularly interesting for the user, however, so I won’t post them here. 

Week 2 dives into cryptography. An intro CS class has to do sexy stuff, naturally! I haven’t started watching the videos yet, but will do on my train tomorrow. 

I’m still finding the website sort of hard to use. I couldn’t find any actual written style guide, for example, so I relied completely on the style-checker built into the CS50 appliance. I’ve additionally found the website a bit glitchy. Sometimes, for example, the problem set page wouldn’t fully load in safari. I switched to chrome instead, but it’s a bit of a pain as I try to use different browsers for different things so I can better find the tab I might be looking for.

One other thing I will say: David Malan is absolutely superb on Twitter. Right on top of it at all hours of the day or night. 

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