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The long winter stretch: running in the dark


I wrote back in June about running with a variety of fitness apps, in the height of a delightful summer. I then went on holiday for most of August, and although I managed a few runs, the (down)hill stretches really irritated my knees, and I backed off doing much running, much to my waistline’s disapproval (but there was so much great vegan/veggie food!). When I came back and could run mostly on the flat or gentler inclines, I picked up a bit again, but I’m still not quite back to running routinely every other day. I’m starting to feel anxious about it, so I’m trying my best, but a lot of travelling over the autumn is putting the kibosh on my plans. With so much travelling and so many conferences (and hence, so much sitting down!), I really feel I need it. And yet, the dreaded winter is coming. The mornings are now noticeably darker, and although it’s not too cold, I’m still not exactly filled with enthusiasm! 

My first thought is to try lunchtime runs, but as I need to do yoga and foamroller after running, this may take a bit more long-term planning, and getting my equipment together in work! My other thought is to get together some good new playlists. I tried running with Spotify, but only have the free version, which I found cut out halfway through a recent run, just leaving me with silence! I’ll have to keep working on that plan. Finally, when I’m at home over the weekend, I’m going to update iOS 8 (risky, I know!), and see whether HealthKit might offer any interesting new tools to play with, or at least new ways to consolidate the apps I’ve already been playing with. 
What else do people do to keep runs fun? I’m travelling so much that I can’t really run with others much of the time… 

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