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A week is a long time in running… (31/7/16)


So this is week two of my efforts to produce my own training plan that will keep me motivated and running enough to do monthly half-marathons and do them well. This week looked something like this:

Day Target Distance Actual Distance Time Pace
25 July 13.0km 13.2km  1:12:34  5:29/km
26 July 5.0km (with drills) 4.7km 27:09 5:43/km
28 July 8.0km 6.1km  33:29  5:26/km
 30 July 6.4km  8.1km  44:50  5:28/km

It was nice doing the longer run again, and I realised that in the summer I can just about fit this sort of length in before I head off for work, which is a bonus! The drills workout I did without having eaten anything, so my legs tired out pretty quickly, although weren’t sore much the day after. I’ve realised that I could probably do with some more pacework, as well as the usual drills that I do (side-steps, heel kicks, skips, etc., to work on form on rounding out my legs).

This week was the first week I’d had niggles in my calves and ankles since I switched shoes, which is why Thursday’s run got cut short. I ran a little later on Saturday, though, and warmed up a bit better, and made up the missed mile while enjoying some lovely scenery.

Next week’s targets are:

Day Target Distance Time Pace
 1 August  15.0km
 2 August  5.0km (with drills)
 4 August  8.0km (with fartleks)
 5 August  3.2km

I’m travelling at the end of the week, so I intend to use a very short run as an excuse to get up and out in the sunshine early on in the day. Wish me luck!


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