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A week is a long time in running… (7/8/16)


Here we are, Week 3.

Day Target Distance Actual Distance Time Pace
 1 August  15.0km  15.2km  1:24:33  5:32/km
 2 August  5.0km (with drills)  3.6km (with fartleks)  19:27  5:24/km
 4 August  8.0km (with fartleks)  6.4km (with drills) 36:06  5:35/km
 5 August  3.2km  3.3km  21:01  6:15/km

The long run was actually pretty great. I didn’t have a route figured out, so it was mostly frolicking. I was lucky to be near a (mixed use) cyclepath through the woods, so got to run along that. I had a tricky time mid-week, though. I hadn’t made a note of what I was supposed to be doing, and assumed I was doing fartleks first. I decided to modify my usual longer route to avoid the hill, but that meant I was too close to home and made it easy for myself to bail out after some sprints.

The following day’s run went better, but also not quite as it was supposed to. There’s a reason I normally do drills on shorter runs; calves get completely knackered, and I have to be careful not to overstress them, or else I struggle to walk the following day. Hence the lost mile.

Next week’s plan is:

Day Target Distance
 8 August  3.2km
 9 August  16.0km
 11 August  5.0km (with drills)
 13 August 8.0km (with fartleks)

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