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A week is a long time in running… (28/8/2016)


Well, voila. I did indeed manage to run every day this week. But the plan didn’t exactly… go to plan. In fact, I’m beginning to feel a bit suspicious of having a plan at all!

Day Target Distance Actual Distance Time Pace
 22 August   6.4km (with fartleks)  6.5km (with fartleks)  34:37  5:15/km
 23 August  5.0km (with drills)  5.0km (with drills)  27:51  5:30/km
 24 August  3.2km  3.3km  17:32  5:18/km
 25 August 16.0km  3.3km  16:58  5:06/km
 26 August  3.2km  8.2km  45:15  5:30/km
 27 August  5.0km  13.6km  1:15:25  5:33/km
 28 August  3.2km  3.3km  18:54  5:42/km
 Total  42.2km  43.2

I’m obviously just really mentally struggling to do long runs at the moment. I pushed the 16km run back one day intentionally, but then on the 26th I had a fall that included breaking a tooth. Now, this was less than a quarter of a km into the run, and after heading back home to wash up and check that I didn’t have any apparently permanent tooth damage, I did go out again and run without falling over. So I gave myself some brownie points there. But I just I didn’t have the heart for the second half of that run. The #ukrunchat brigade seemed fairly persuaded that the value of going out to do another 8km that same day was limited, so the long run got bounced to the Saturday instead. And I took headphones because I was Going. To. Do. This. I didn’t quite get to 16km, but I did enough for it to feel like it wasn’t a wasted day.

One of the aspirations for the autumn is to either bully the husband into returning to running, or to find a running buddy/club. I think in order to make much more progress, I’m going to need that additional motivator.

On the plus side, I sort of enjoyed the short runs. I’d started to set myself a 5k minimum, but there is something pleasant about nipping around two miles, and sometimes running that little bit faster. I’m going to give it a go next week, too, so:

Day Target Distance
 30 August  6.4km (with hills!)
 31 August  3.2km
 1 September  6.4km
 2 September  3.2km
 3 September  16.0km (with husband biking)
 4 September  3.2km
 Total  43.5km

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