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A week is a long time in running… (11/9/16)


Another week, another set of runs. I’m battling a little bit with an extra-long commute at the moment (approx 3h a day), so having to fit things in around it, either running to or from train stations, or snatching a short lunchtime run. Here’s how this week’s plan went:

Day Target Distance Actual Distance Time Pace
6 September 7.0km  7.0km  39:54 5:41/km
7 September 5.0km  5.1km  27:15  5:19/km
8 September 5.0km  5.1km  27:50  5:23/km
10 September 13.0km  –  –  –
11 September  3.2km  13.0km  1:11:31  5:29/km
 Total  33.2km 30.2km

It was a real shame that I turned out to have planned my weekend rather badly. On Saturday, I had to do a lot of driving to help my brother move, and that early start combined with the sleep deprivation from the week’s heavy commuting meant that there was no chance of me getting up early for a long run. I managed to push it back, but I lost out on the short quick gallop that I had pre-planned for Saturday.

The long run included some stops to take photos. I’m not too bothered about stopping during long runs, to have a quick stretch or take a few snaps, as I’m not racing, and I’m trying to go a bit easier on myself and enjoy the run instead. Plus it means I have something to put in these posts aside from charts and self-recrimination!

I’m conscious that total distance was a bit down this week, but I’ve had sore knees, at least in the longer runs. So next week’s plan will be an interesting dilemma. This is what I’m going to try for:

Day Target Distance
13 September 7.0km
14 September 5.0km
15 September 5.0km
17 September 11.0km
18 September  5.0km
 Total  33.0km

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