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A week is a long time in running… (18/9/16)


There is the usual table reporting back on the success or failure of this week’s plan further down, but I’ll say right now that I mostly bombed and that I don’t feel bad about it.

Last week I mentioned that my knees had been a bit sore and that I was pulling distance back down again a little, but my knees kept aching and I found myself hugely grumpy midweek. Work was stressful, and sticking to plan kept feeling like a chore. Plus, spending three hours a day cramped into a commuter train was making my back stiff (and I think was mostly responsible for my sore knees, too).

But then I remembered, at the end of last week’s long run, when my knees had hurt for the last few kilometres, my mother had asked me whyWhy was I doing something that was stressful (to mind or body) when I was presumably supposed to be aiming for health? Running longer distances means that the limited time that I have for exercise goes almost exclusively on running now, to the detriment of yoga—probably essential for me, given my generally tight muscles!—or weight training that might yield some speed gains.

So this week I gave my exercise time over to some more varied activities and more playful running, which included several PBs for various Strava segments (and a 400m PB, 1:38) and a Course Record up some darn good hills. I got to gambol about in search of some of the PBs and frolic up and down trail paths. Because what I really want from running, aside from good health, is the opportunity to see things that I wouldn’t normally see and go out and explore places.

Anyway, here’s how it turned out:

Day Target Distance Actual Distance Time Pace
13 September 7.0km 7.0km 40:39 5:47/km
14 September 5.0km 3.25km 18:05 5:33/km
15 September 5.0km 3.9km 22:03 5:34/km
17 September 11.0km
18 September  5.0km 4.8km 28:49 5:57/km
 Total  33.0km 18.9km

And here’s my thinking for next week while I’m on holiday!

Day Target Distance
 19 September 5.0km
 21 September 3.2km
 22 September 5.0km
 23 September 3.2km
 25 September 11.0km
 Total 27.4km

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