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A week is a long time in running… (25/9/16)


This week’s plan, while enjoying myself (mostly PhD writing in a hotel) in Lisbon was:

Day Target Distance Actual Distance Time Pace
19 September 5.0km 5.2km  27:28  5:14/km
21 September 3.2km 3.2km* with sprint intervals  21:43  6:47/km
22 September 5.0km  5.0km**  34:55  5:59/km
23 September 3.2km  3.2km  18:45  5:52/km
25 September 11.0km  6.0km  32:41  5:24/km
Total 27.4km  21.6km

* I did this run on a treadmill, and there was an interesting conflict between my Apple Watch and the treadmill itself. The treadmill said 3.2km at 21:43, and I went with that, but my Apple Watch thought it was closer to 3.8km at 21:12.

**Treadmill again. My Watch thought I’d done 5.86km at 5:57/km. I was intending to use the treadmill to increase my pace with each half km, so started slow, but then a chap in the fitness centre started chatting to me, and I couldn’t get the pace too much above conversational!

What this week has mostly illustrated is: (1) running on a treadmill really messes with my sense of pace, and (2) gyms are a dangerous pace if you just want to get your head down and do something specific. But, hey. I got some stuff done, and also took advantage of the gym to do some yoga and some core training that I might not have done had I been focused on longer or faster runs outdoors.

I didn’t manage the long run this week, and I knocked it on the head around the time that that my knees usually start hurting: 6km. Since I had a fall a few weeks ago, my knees have been a bit dicky, particularly my left knee, which took the brunt of the fall. I still can’t quite kneel down on the floor on it, and I wonder whether there’s some internal swelling still. I’m hoping that a little less of a focus on distance and that some of the cross-training, with yoga and weights, will improve matters!

With that in mind, this week I’m running to feel. There is no plan…


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