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Michael Field week


As part of writing up my thesis, I’ve decided to dedicate a week to each chapter. This week was Michael Field Week.

My Michael Field chapter was the first drafted, almost two years ago, so it inevitably needed a lot of work (if I’m lucky, it’ll be the most work of all my chapters).

The core argument was clear and still solid from when I left it. I’ve presented my overall thinking before, at a Birkbeck conference (the Prezi is online, and I subsequently blogged for BAVS about it). The overall theoretical framework for my thesis has developed hugely, though, and there was a great deal of reframing and signposting to be done, particularly to weave in some of my thinking around cultural techniques, and to create links between this first chapter and the three others that follow. For me, signposting and structural work is always the last thing to happen, and I will forever envy people for whom a definite structure is a starting point.

Some of my highlights of the week, aside from the copious coffee and the fun of editing on paper:

  • Needing to rifle through Michael Field’s life-writing, and finding this online archive of their diaries a total lifesaver, as the British Library is now a continent and ocean away! Marion Thain and Ana Parejo Vadillo are progressing a project to transcribe these so that they can be searchable, and I’m hoping to be a part of the team transcribing the 1890s diaries when we get to it.
  • Having fun using Sarah Kersh’s wonderful digital edition of Sight and Song (it uses a similar annotation function to COVE and is simply beautiful). I’m hoping to add some of my close readings as annotations to it, and I think it’s a great resource that anyone studying Michael Field should be using.
  • Playing around with graphs and charts that Excel and Numbers have to offer. I had a quick visualisation of the rhythm of the volume in my Prezi, which I included in the BAVS blog post, but it was crude. I’m not sure either package quite offers what I need, though, so once I’m going to look further afield once I’m done writing up.

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