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Vernon Lee Week


Following the NAVSA2016 intermission, I’m back on schedule with writing up, and this week was Vernon Lee week.

I’d already done some fairly significant revisions when I was thinking of using this chapter as a writing sample (I eventually used my Wilde chapter, which will be the subject of next week’s extravaganza!). Again, the main task was structuring and interweaving. This chapter is the first in a second part of my thesis: part one deals with poetry (Field and Rossetti), and part two with fiction (Lee and Wilde). That means that part of this week was also writing the introduction for the part.

Some highlights from this week:

  • As most of my writing up seems to involve hanging around on digital archives, this week was mostly about the Colby special collection on Lee.  There’s a really useful summary of Lee’s correspondence with her family (PDF), as well as a bibliography (PDF).
  • Rereading some new work on Lee by some fellow doctoral candidates, such as Leire Barrera-Medrano’s ‘Dolls in Agony’. While requiring original thought, the PhD is often a case of also having to be seen trotting out the “standard texts” to demonstrate knowledge of the field. I always think it’s worthwhile finding less-cited pieces, and there is so much great scholarship being done by those close to completing, or just after completing, that deserves to be seen and brought into dialogue with ‘canonical’ scholarship.



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