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A week is a long time in running… (27/11/16)


Thanksgiving Week isn’t a big deal for us as Brits abroad, but it did mean that my husband had the week off, so there was a lot more couples running than I’d initially intended, which means shorter, most of the time. We also went out and around the countryside a fair bit, so I got to do some trail running, but it turns out the Marin Headlands are pretty hilly! We bailed on the Saturday parkrun because of crazy rain, but did a stairs workout instead on Sunday to make up for it.

I’m still having trouble with my ankles and the tops of my feet being stiff and sore, which I’m fairly sure it hills related. It’s very different to problems with my feet that I’ve had before, which was cramping along the bottom caused by too-stiff shoes.

This is how this week went, anyway:

Date Planned Distance Actual Distance Time Pace
22 November 4.0km  2.3km  12:55  5:33/km (5:38/km GAP)
23 November 10.0km  4.5km (trail)  25:44  5:38/km (5:04/km GAP)
25 November 4.0km  6.4km  34:12  5:17/km (5:20/km GAP)
26 November 5.0km 2.0km (stairs intervals)  13:31  6:38/km (6:13/km GAP)
Total 23km  15.2km

And this is how I want next week to go:

Date Distance Time Pace
29 November 4.0km
30 November 4.0km
1 December 8.0km
3 December 5.0km
Total 21km

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