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A week is a long time in running… (4/12/16)


This week was all couples’ running, and I should admit up-front that two of the runs were to a bakery. As things have gotten busier with projects I’m working on (such as my now-complete academic/NaNoWriMo project), I didn’t quite have time for the four runs that I’d planned, and we weren’t drawn to the planned ParkRun on Saturday, as I’m doing lots of driving practice ahead of having to sit a test in the US, and Saturday mornings are quite a good time to play about doing manoeuvres, etc., without annoying people who are actually just trying to go along their way!

Still, I’m fairly committed to doing at least 16km a week, so we did manage to get out this morning for a longer run.

This is how the week went:

Date Planned Distance Actual Distance Time Pace
29 November 4.0km  4.2km 24:33 5:46/km (5:57/km GAP)
30 November 4.0km 4.0km  23:45 5:50/km (5:49/km GAP)
1 December 8.0km  –  –
3 December 5.0km  –  –
4 December  8.0km  47:10  5:51/km (5:48/km GAP)
Total 21km 16.2km

This is how I want next week to go:

Date Distance Time Pace
5 December 3.2km (hills intervals)
7 December 4.0km (run to the bakery!)
9 December 10.0km
11 December 5.0km (we are going to try this ParkRun!)
Total 22.2km

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