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A week is a long time in running… (11/12/16)


Sooo… This week did not go entirely to plan.

We did, indeed, run to the bakery, but I forgot that I hated intervals so much that it would prevent me doing the imagined mile-long jog afterwards. And then the rain gods were angered, and the ParkRun was a wash out, as was the morning I’d set aside to do the 10k. We managed to cobble together a nice Sunday run, though, gallivanting up Twin Peaks and over to the Presidio, so it could have been a lot worse. Plus we stocked up on winter running gear for when we’re back home in a few weeks.

Date Planned Distance Actual Distance Time Pace
5 December 3.2km (hill intervals) 2.0km (hill intervals) 11:02 5:25/km (5:01/km GAP)
7 December 4.0km (run to the bakery!) 4.2km (run to the bakery!) 23:53 5:37/km (5:42/km GAP)
9 December 10.0km  5.1km 27:44  5:22/km (5:26/km GAP)
11 December 5.0km (Parkrun)  –  –
12 December  8.3km 48:36  5:51/km (5:52/km GAP)
Total 22.2km 19.6km

I’ve been trying to do some daily yoga, as I started having back trouble again (supporting respiratory muscles go into spasm… it’s a shoulder blade problem). I’ve also had an early Christmas gift of some free weights, so now I can also do some more strength training, too, which is a win!

This is how I want next week to go:

Date Distance
12 December (Strength training)
13 December 10.0km
14 December 4.0km (run to the bakery!)
15 December 3.2km (hill intervals)
16 December  (Long yoga)
17 December (Strength training)
18 December 5.0km (ParkRun?)
19 December (Long yoga)
Total 22.2km

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