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A week is a long time in running… (18/12/16)


If I thought last week didn’t go to plan, then I just seriously wasn’t paying attention to my schedule when I made this week’s plan. Not only did I include 8 days (?!), I completely forgot a number of doctor/dentist appointments and PhD writing deadlines that were going to get in the way. It was just all wrong.

This is what I managed, anyway

Date Planned Distance Actual Distance Time Pace
12 December (Strength training)
13 December 10.0km  –  –
14 December 4.0km (run to the bakery!)  –  –
15 December 3.2km (hill intervals)  3.2km + long yoga  19:46  6:03/km (5:57/km GAP)
16 December (Long yoga)  8.0km  44:00  5:27/km (5:28/km GAP)
17 December (Strength training)  ✔  –  –
18 December 5.0km (ParkRun?) 5.9km 32:50  5:30/km (5:47/km GAP)
Total 22.2km  17.1km

Based on actually looking at my calendar for next week, this is how I want next week to go:

Date Distance
19 December 4.0km (run to the bakery!)
20 December (Strength training)
21 December 8.0km
22 December (Travelling: try to stretch and not get a DVT!)
23 December 5.0km
24December 5.0km
25 December (Strength training)
Total 22km

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