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Neo-Victorian #AcWriMo: week 3

Week three is up, and my #AcWriMo/#NaNoWriMo project is on-track at 36,500 words and counting.

I spent a fair amount of time this week tinkering around with Scalar to try to improve the styling, and I’m increasingly sceptical of the merits of Scalar for digital publishing. It might be useful for people without the time or inclination to produce something independently, but the Scalar 2 interface is currently poor. In the end, I abandoned it and reverted the whole piece back to Scalar 1 in order to get something that was more manageable. In Scalar 2, for example, it proved difficult to change the background colour (because it overlays its grey-and-white page over the top of it) or right-align any text without it intervening into the space left for the annotation tab. The whole structure seems to be under-developed at the moment, so reverting felt like the right thing to do.

I also had to go through the pieces already posted in order to deal with html that followed me from Scrivener. I haven’t used Scrivener for quite a long time, as it didn’t really suit my PhD writing process. Although I still like the organisational structure it gives for chapters and other pieces, which works well for creative projects, for future chapters I’m going to take things first through Atom and do some marking up there, as the Scalar HTML content pane isn’t very friendly for larger pieces (this is one of the few points where the Scalar 2 interface had the upperhand).

In terms of the writing itself, the story is finally branching out from the original, so the amount of creative work required has increased substantially. There’s quite a lot of research to be done, but I’m looking forward to getting the story substantially completed this week, and then getting to work on the framing and final touches. Only 10 days left!


Shakespeare on film

I have been to see Shakespeare at the Globe – or otherwise in the theatre – a few times. I am at times sceptical because, in the grand scheme of things, I prefer to read plays rather than watch them. I am even more divided about Shakespeare on TV or film, though.

I found the DiCaprio/Danes Romeo + Juliet cloying and tiresome. I wanted to love the David Tennant/Patrick Stewart Hamlet, but just didn’t. I did enjoy the Anthony Hopkins Titus and the Ian Holm King Lear, but I fear this may have had more to do with the absolutely fantastic grad student who ran a weekly film screening as part of one of my Shakespeare courses at uni.

I am going to have a go with PBS’ Ian McKellen King Lear, however. I haven’t quite found the time for it yet, but I am planning to! I’ll recommend it on the off-chance, anyway. Let me know what you think!